Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Coeden Kate

This year (with the help of Caerphilly Borough Council Landscape Department) we planted Coeden Kate (Kate’s tree) on Caerphilly Mountain at the foot of the hill where near where the accident happened. It is an acer (platanoides drummondii) which should have a variegated green and white leaf if it grows true. The last of Kate’s ashes (plus a few milk bottle gums from the pick and mix!) will help the tree grow.  So it really is Kate’s tree. A lovely wooden chestnut post has the words ”Coeden Kate” routed into it. Hopefully the post will last as long as the tree. We also planted some daffodils at the foot of the tree.

Five years on and it doesn't get much easier – only different. The many kind messages from friends and family do help - knowing that Kate is not forgotten.